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Personal Development and Dating

An Open Letter to Anyone Having a Bad Day – Bolde 33 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas – Pucker Mob 10 Things to Stop Telling Yourself When You’re Single – Bolde 7 Alternatives to Ghosting That Won’t Make You Look Like a Douchebag – Bolde


Living Like Royals: How Expensive are the Items in Lorde’s Song? – TheRichest Female Gamers are Sick of Hearing These 11 Obnoxious Things – Bolde 9 Famous Actors Who Got Paid Less Than You Think – TheRichest 8 Banned Horror Movies That’ll Give You Nightmares – TheRichest Image Sources: “Lorde: Melodrama World Tour – Oakland, …

Health and Beauty

Although my beauty blog, Makeup Files, has been retired, it was once a popular destination for those looking for makeup and beauty content. As a result, I was named one of the best beauty bloggers of 2011 by SHAPE Magazine. 40 Instagram Pictures to Take That AREN’T Selfies – Pucker Mob 11 Thoughts Every Curly-Haired …