Selected Writing Portfolio

Since becoming a professional writer in 2007, my career has run the gamut of content topics and publishing outlets. I’ve enticed readers with the lavish lifestyle at TheRichest, hotel descriptions for Priceline, and even once had a beauty blog, Makeup Files, that netted me on a short list of “Best Beauty Bloggers of 2011” by SHAPE Magazine.

Lately, my focus has been on entertainment, relationships, zodiac, and tarot. For Thought Catalog’s TV + Movies vertical, I focus on entertainment news, reviews, and streaming guides. I also provide horoscopes and tarot readings each week and weekend for Collective World, among other zodiac, tarot, and relationship content.

Below, you’ll find the best of the best under various topics.

Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

“For My Next Trick,” The Oval, 2017 (Fiction)
“The Caramel Sauce Incident,” The Oval, 2019 (Non-Fiction)
“Rock Your Body,” The Oval, 2020 (Fiction)


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Zodiac and Tarot

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